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5 things to double check before your next event date

So, you have sold every ticket through your online event registration software and the only thing left is to hold the event. The run-up to your event is a crucial timeframe that you should utilize carefully to ensure that everything is set. Needless to say, there are thing that you should not merely check but double check 2 days before your event.

Reconfirm date, location and timing with your vendors and key people
Your event management software would surely spare you from headaches but you need to do some things yourself. You need to verify your venue booking and get in touch with the caterers, the speakers, the audio-visual equipment technician, the photographer, the waiters and other key personnel.

Know The Emergency Exit Procedures
You’ll never know when disaster can strike so be familiar with the venue’s exits and emergency exits. Orient your staff as to the standard procedures during an emergency.

Arrange drop off points and, if necessary, parking areas
Bottlenecks can be an events planner nightmare. You need to designate areas for drop off and keep it clear to avoid having irate guests and delays during the event.

Confirm your guest list
Conference registration can be made through the web and you can surely spare yourself from trouble and sell tickets online but you still need to confirm the attendance to your event so that you can make the necessary arrangements.

Prepare for bad weather
Nothing can ruin your event more than bad weather, so, if you have an outdoor event be sure to have tents and umbrellas for your guests in case the weather report is off and it rains.

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