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5 Ways to Promote your Event Online

An event without attendees is hardly an event at all. You go to a lot of trouble preparing for and setting up your event, it’s important to remember that promotion is part of the game as well. Promoting your event online can be extremely effective and, what’s best, it doesn’t have to cost a lot either. Consider these options.

Utilize social media

This is when social media can be most beneficial to you. While you can run ads at a cost, utilizing your existing followers and friend might be enough. Post well-written and informative content that demonstrates the value your event will bring and encourage your fan-base to share and inform. You can also send invitations via Facebook or other platforms.

Email marketing

Email marketing still ranks extremely high in terms of conversion rates and at this point you should already have an e-mail list to work off of. Send an email blast between 4-6 weeks before your event (more if extensive travel planning is required), and another one closer to the day of the event. Your existing customers and clients will always be a source of repeat business so don’t neglect them.

Utilize your sponsors and speakers

If your event is sponsored by or partnered with another organization, or if you’re featuring guest speakers and promoters, make sure to get them involved as well. By cross promoting with other individuals or organizations via email and social media you will effectively inform and entice multiple fan bases and increase your likelihood of conversion.

Create Effective Copy

Whether it’s a social media post or an email subject line, utilize effective copy to drive open rates and engagement. Create a sense of urgency with phrases such as “time is running out!” or “Don’t miss out on this!” It may sound simple but these phrases do show an increase in conversion rates.

Utilize Retargeting

Have you ever looked at a product website when shopping? Let’s say you were looking to buy a new mattress for example. Did you ever notice that a few hours later when you were surfing a completely different website you’ll start seeing ads for mattresses? It may be creepy, but that’s retargeting at work. Retargeting, as the name suggests, targets individuals who have already visited your websites or event page.

This is not the cheapest example and it will cost a little more than other options but it is also extremely effective as it specifically targets people who have already looked at your event.

Promoting your event online is a vital part of effective event management. While there are other ways to promote events, online is definitely an area you do not want to neglect.

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