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7 Things to Consider When Choosing Event Ticketing Software

Event planners around the world invested $1,100 billion in 2018 alone to deliver events serving a variety of customers. 

When you’re putting together an event, you need to maximize efficiency. Repetitive tasks can prevent you from making more ticket sales. Thus, ticketing software is a tool that helps automate these functions so that you can focus on that which gets more people to attend your event.

But how do you tell whether a particular event ticketing software is good enough to depend on? Here are some features to help you find out. 

1. User Experience

At the crux of it, software used in event ticketing solutions is trying to fulfill a customer’s need. 

As a result, how well the software helps the users can influence how many tickets you get to sell. Conversely, every issue that makes it harder for the customer to solve their problem can hinder the kind of sales you achieve.

So what is the best way to judge a platform’s ability to offer a superior ticketing experience? By using it yourself. 

Before you commit to any ticketing software, ask for a demo of the typical process a customer will go through when getting a ticket. If you enjoy using a ticketing system as a customer, it’s likely a solution your users can appreciate.

Speed is a critical factor in the kind of user experience a ticketing solution provides. According to research, a website that takes more than three seconds to load faces losing over 50% of its visitors. If your ticketing software takes longer to start running, you risk losing a significant number of users who abandon it for a more responsive solution. 

2. Mobile Friendly

Today’s software user has moved from using a desktop (fixed point) or even a laptop (somewhat mobile) to using mobile devices. In fact, 51% of all the instances users have been online across the United States have been on mobile devices. 

When you are considering taking on a ticketing software solution, you must ensure it is mobile friendly. Try using it on more than one kind of mobile device to find out how easy it would be for your users to interact with it when on the go. 

Of particular note is how easy it can be for users on mobile devices to pick the type and quantities of tickets. The controls that facilitate this on mobile devices can make a user either complete the purchase or abandon it. 

3. Security

An excellent ticketing software solution must offer security. You can’t afford to compromise on keeping your event attendees safe and engendering trust with them in today’s hyper-vigilant market. 

Since software handling event tickets will, at some point, enable customers to pay for their tickets, it needs to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). Such compliance ensures that you will protect your attendees’ payment information at all times.

Another critical aspect to look at is how well the engineers supporting a ticketing solution support its security. Are there regular updates being put out to squash bugs and seal loopholes? A sparsely updated ticketing software solution has a higher chance of being exploited, and you want to keep away from such a platform. 

4. Capacity to Promote

A crucial service event ticket software platforms offer you is the ability to help promote your event. Thus, before you decide to sign up for a particular software, you must interrogate it in this regard. 

Does the ticketing software you have in mind offer an email service? Email is still the top ticket sales channel, and as such, this is a core aspect of any provider you pick. You need ticketing software that can help you deliver and track emails to attendees. 

Not only can this feature help you offer updated event information to your attendees, but it also enables you to follow up with attendees after an event for feedback. You can collect views directly from those who attended your event on how to make it better. 

Furthermore, for those attendees who did not make it, you can reach out to them directly to find out what stumbling blocks prevented them from attending so that you can better optimize your offering.

Social media partnership is also a vital aspect in excellent ticketing solution needs to have. The system you choose should partner meaningfully with social media platforms so that it can enable your attendees seamlessly spread the word post-sale. 

When you are weighing the event ticket system to use, you also have to study its Google promotional ability. Does the platform command a high domain authority (90+) that can help your event get noticed on search engine result pages (SERPs)? 

An event ticketing platform with a high performing capability to be visible on Google can help your site gain more visibility. 

5. Reliability

An event ticket software partner with a reliable system is essential to serving your attendees with minimal downtime. The last thing you want is to switch to a less reliable system.

Ask the ticketing partner to give you data on their uptime (how often a website is up and running). A good site should have high uptimes in the 98% and above range. 

6. Data

A reputable ticketing software partner should give you visibility into the data you collect. Some providers tend to limit the period you can access the data, and that can limit your operations when accessing historical performances.

You should have the ability to view your data on-demand to help you make business decisions without delay. Don’t forget to find out if you will own any data you generate. 

7. Insight

Having ownership of and visibility into your data is only helpful if it helps you gleans insights that can enable you to improve your offering. 

Look for a ticketing software partner that offers an analytics tool to help you visualize your information and sift meaningful lessons from it. You can then develop a database across the events you hold and learn how to make them better.  

Make Sales Easier with Event Ticketing Software

The type of ticketing system you depend on can impact the success of your event’s attendance rate. To help you make the most of your function, you can use event ticketing software to automate ticket sales and deliver a better user experience. 

Are you planning an event? Eventzilla helps you sell tickets online and manage attendees conveniently for a better event. Talk to us today to find out how to make your event run smoother.

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