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Choosing The Right Online Payment System For Your Events – Part 1

Online payment system plays a key role in making your event a big success. Accepting registrations and payments for your events will reduce the no-shows and stress in managing events. It has to be safe,  convenient as well as completely secure for your attendees. There are many choices for  accepting online payments such as Paypal, Amazon Payment, Google Checkout and many more.

This is one of the popular and an easy way to accept payments for your events. PayPal has 87.2 million users making payments worldwide.

  • Attendees can buy tickets with a credit card—they don’t even need a PayPal account
  • Attendees trust that PayPal won’t share their financial info with merchants.

paypal-logo-header-157218It supports numerous options of payments that can be used as per subjective needs and requirements. Some of its additional features are – supporting for donations, shopping cart and recurring payments for an that repeats every month. This payment option is being used worldwide for its immense ease and convenience.

(Fees for payments more than $10: 1.9%-2.9% + 0.30 cents per transaction)
(Fees for payments less than $10: 5% + 0.05 cents per transaction)

Amazon Payments
AmazonPayments_LOGO_Color_TM_Print (2)Amazon Payments is a payment platform that offers excellent services for better conversion. This site is associated with online shopping magnate of and makes it easier for its shoppers to make their purchase easy and payments easier.

Amazon Payments
(Fees: 1.9%-2.9% + 0.30 cents per transaction)
(Fees for payments less than $10: 5% + 0.05 cents per transaction)

Google Checkout

This online payment system is known for its competitive processing fees and layered pricing structure. It claims to charge zero hidden fees along with perpetually no gateway service or any set up fees. Additionally, Google Checkout also does not charge its users for transferring of funds from its own Checkout account to the users’ respective banks.

google_checkout_logoGoogle Checkout has proven its credibility and is being widely used for plenty of security and convenience it brings along. Some of its additional and attractive features are – its expedient checkout process; credit card processing; capturing of partial funds; prompt refunds etc. These features have made Google Checkout great favorites of many shopping portals, and event management companies like eventzilla, to make it their e-commerce collaborator.

Google Checkout

(Fees: 1.9%-2.9% + 0.30 cents per transaction)


Authorize.Net has been growing immensely popular since the time of its inception in the year 1996. It has many convenient features that have earned it the apt title of ‘gateway’.

Authorize_Net-logo-722A3B7CFF-seeklogo.comThis online payment system has backing of ‘Fraud Detection Suite’ (FDS) that helps in identification of fake and fraudulent transactions with great expertise right before the shipping of products. It is also ensures that the shipping address and the billing address match perfectly thus eliminating any fear scam. In case the technical backing of Authorize.Net identifies any chary activity, it blocks that IP address’s functionality. This makes this online payment system extremely capable and fool proof.
(See website for more details)

To be continued…

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