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Virtual event success

Measure the success of your virtual event with these simple ways

Though virtual events were happening even before the coronavirus pandemic, it is all set to become an integral part of live events in a post-Covid world. Thus, hybrid events are likely to play a major driving force in the events industry. However, adapting to this new transition from live events to virtual is the key thing to be focused on by the event professionals. Especially, learning the best ways to measure the success of virtual events is vital for them. 

In this post, we’re going to look at how to measure the success of virtual events;

Total registrations vs check-ins

While hosting a hybrid or virtual event, you must set your event registration goal to gauge the success of your event. Besides, you should also compare the registration data with the total number of check-ins to get some valuable insights. For instance, if check-in data is less compared to the number of registered attendees, then this becomes your area of improvement in your upcoming event. Apart from that, you can also identify what topic that your target audience is interested in. 

Event survey and polls

To know your audience better, you need to get their feedback about your virtual event. With the help of a virtual event platform, you can create a survey or polls during the event or post-event with ease. By doing this, you can improve the attendee experience in your upcoming events. Apart from that, creating a poll or survey keeps your remote audience engaged during the event without any distractions. On the other hand, the response rate of your polling or survey is itself helps you to measure your event success. 

Speaker rating

When it comes to virtual events, it’s vital to find the right speaker to make it worth watching for your audience. But, how do you know that you chose the right one? A speaker rating option in your event management software lets your attendees give their rating about your event speaker. Eventually, it helps you to identify a speaker who has got a higher rating and one whose rating is low. With these insights, you can identify which speaker is ideal for a specific event and choose them accordingly in your upcoming webinar events.

Landing page performance

Be it virtual or in-person, checking the performance of your landing page created for event registration is one of the best practices to measure success. If you have created a landing page using event registration software like Eventzilla, you can track your event’s performance using the analytics option available within the platform. In case you own a landing page already, you can analyze the performance using Google analytics. 

Social media 

When you promote your virtual event on social media channels, you can easily measure your event’s reach and activities. You can also closely monitor the responses that you’re getting for your event from the target audience and respond accordingly. 

Ragavendhar Mohan