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Tips to De-Stress Event Planning – Part 1

Planning large events or conferences can be a stressful undertaking. There are so many things to remember, and the result is usually a long to-do list.

However, there are some things you can do to de-stress event planning:

1. Use online event registration software or event management software to help you plan events more efficiently.

2. Display event and ticket sales information online; allow for online registration 24 hours a day.

3. Start and maintain an event blog to keep your viewers current on the latest news and updates about your event.

4. Use your smartphone to check-in attendees.

5. Use social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your event.

With a little foresight and by making use of the amazing planning technology available today, you can de-stress your future conference and event planning!

Eventzilla Team

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